It was a pleasure working for this wedding in Aegina with Andonis and Korina a few weeks ago at Saliarelis Villa.

Andonis and Korina planned their wedding starting with the wedding venue location witch was one of the most most known and most beautiful Villas in Aegina Island… Saliarelis Villa, the old manor of Zaimis. It was my first time shooting at this venue and I loved it. I have never seen such a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The ceremony took place in Agioi Apostoloi church by the Saronic gulf sea. After the ceremony a nice dinner for their friends and family was catered by Danae catering.

Every wedding in Aegina has an easy going day schedule…

The day started with the bride and groom preparation from groom’s home in the middle of a field full of pistatsio trees. The I moved to Danae Hotel for the bride preparation. I played a lot with the one light source of the room creating some environmental and romantic bride portraits. Then we moved to the Agioi Apostoloi Church, very close from the hotel for the ceremony. The couple came together making a distinction with the tradition. After the ceremony I did some photos with the couple by the sea and then we continued the photoshoot at Saliarelis Villa. The day was warm and the sun was shining! This wedding was so much fun and Andonis and Korina are genuine and very kind people. I loved our job and working for great people like these two! I hope you enjoy the wedding highlight photos that showcases some of my favorite moments of the day.

wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 01
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 02
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 03
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 04
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 05
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 06
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 07
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 08
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 10
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 11
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 13
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 14
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 15
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 16
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 17
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 18
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 19
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 20
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 21
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 22
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 23
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 24
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 25
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 26
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 27
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 28
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 29
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 30
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 31
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 32
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 33
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 34
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 35
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 36
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 37
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 38
wedding_aegina_greece_adonis_korina 39


Can you please let me know the name of the villa? I can’t seem to find it online and I am planning to get married in Aegina next year.

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,


Hello Dear Suzanne, it is the Villa Saliarelis opposite the lighthouse and Agioi Apostoloi chapel.



Hi, I was wondering if you could pass on the details of this beautiful villa? I’ve tried putting in search engines and I cant find it. I’m looking to get married in Aegina next year and this venue looks perfect! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Beautful photos, couple and setting.Thanks for sharing.

Amazing pics, stunning and really intimate imagery. (70-200mm shots look brilliant)

Georgios Papaioannou

Great pictures for a great event!
I was there as the best man!

Maria Arapogianni

Nice wedding!!!!! Nice photos…… nice place……..!!! Na zhsete Antonis k Korina!!!

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