As a wedding and baptism photographer I have the opportunity to visit many hidden beauties of Greece! I am glad when I see couples and parents to be aware of the wedding and baptism not as a typical process but as a shared biomatic experience among them and their precious family members and friends. This is the way that the parents of Filippos thought and decide to make his baptism at Evia and their favorite chapel, Agia Kiriaki – Steni. Flowing trickles under the shadows of huge planes and grannies selling their traditional products were included in the scene! Little Filippos and his parents pleasure composed the beautiful scenery. My favorite photos following

vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 01
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 02
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 03
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 04
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 05
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 06
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 07
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 08
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 09
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 10
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 11
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 12
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 13
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 14
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 15
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 16
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 17
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 18
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 19
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 20
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 21
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 22
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 23
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 24
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 25
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 26
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 27
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 29
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 30
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 31
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 32
vaptisi_agia_kiriaki_evoias 33

[…] I left the chapel of Agia Kyriaki in the village of Steni in Evia for last. This may not be in the Attica region, but it is only an hour away from Athens and well worth the experience offered by this church. Agia Kyriaki is essentially built into a cave. The extensive square outside the church is full of plane trees, a river runs just below and a picturesque bridge connects the church to the square. This idyllic setting is marked off by vendors selling traditional fare and there is a restaurant serving satisfactory food just next door. What the pictures cannot show, though, are the sounds of the birds, the flowing water and the whispering of the plane trees that round off the stage for a unique experience. Sample of a baptism photoshoot at Agia Kiriaki Evia […]

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