How many viewing angles a wedding photography album might have? When Flipping the pages you can see a love story, you can see a wonderful day, full of joy and two happy people with their families. If you are an artist or photographer, you might see a number of beautiful pictures that might inspire you… Maybe you will feel a bit jealous or eventually discharges them. If you are a newly married couple, you will certainly remember your own recent marriage and reminiscing it… If you are a candidate couple, you will get a couple of ideas, you will imagine your own wedding day and be able to choose your wedding photographer.

As years go by, you will flip through your wedding album and you will surely remember, reconsider and realize the value of time and how quickly it passes. You would precaution it very carefully, so as to remain intact, protected … Able to carry all your memories,  lovely family members and friends… in future.

Below is the album of a recent wedding in Greece, George and Elli.

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