Summer is approaching and it is the perfect timing for choosing to plan the baptism of your kid in one of the dozens of seaside chapels of Attica. One of these privileged churches for baptism is Agios Petros at Sounion . Baptism at Sounion could be the ideal occasion for your Sunday getaway. Sounio have many bays and beaches you can stop and enjoy the delightful journey by car near the sea. Visit the Temple of Poseidon or even a stop for lunch at Lavrion! These are some of the activities that contribute to the selection of Sounion as an ideal destination for baptism. Maybe a bag with essentials swimwear for a fast stop at the beach just before the return and even a treat for you and your guests.

The chapel of Agios Petros is over the sea and just below the temple of Poseidon. Baptism takes place outdoors of the church with a limited space for guests ( 60-80 ). The rock that hosts the chapel of Agios Petros provides you a full view of the bay and the island mood. The Perfect time for a baptism in this church is the evening hours cause there isn’t any shady place that can protect you from the midday sun of the summer.

The Baptism in Agios Petros Seaside Chapel

The twins Myrto and Iphigenia daughters of Mina and George came to their life shortly after the couple’s marriage and the baptism was another chance to see them and capture for them once again their favourite family moments . Along with the few guests right after the baptism we catered in the church forecourt. When the sunlight began to fall found us returning in the full moon of August to lead us on the way back … My favorite photos follows.

Άγιος Πέτρος Σούνιο
fotografies_vaptisis_agios_petros_sounio 02
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
fotografies_vaptisis_agios_petros_sounio 05
fotografies_vaptisis_agios_petros_sounio 06
Άγιος Πέτρος Σούνιο
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου
Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου

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[…] Agios Petros at Sounio, or St. Peter, is a tiny chapel set in a relatively restricted space that I would recommend only if your guest list is limited to about 100. The reason I include it here, though, are the church surroundings. There is a lovely beach just below the chapel of Agios Petros. It is possible to arrange for catering for about 100 people on the chapel grounds with the impressive Temple of Poseidon in Sounio in the background. Something else to keep in mind here is the selection of the priest who will conduct the ceremony. Sample from a baptism in Agios Petros Sounio […]

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