Every cuisine in the world is the result of culture and its influences. So the multicultural character of Constantinople / Istanbul is the result of the culture and habits of Greeks, Armenian and French people and due to the years came to be what is today. People who respect the traditions, remain consistent to them and endeavor to undertake the role of conservation of these unique characteristics that identify them as the most important part of each culture.

I ‘ve been to Istanbul to portray the people and the Greek cuisine of the city for  the Christmas issue of Gastronomos. The magazine in this issue presents the traditional cuisine of Constantinople, so I had the pleasure and luck to photograph one of the most authentic and traditional greek women of  Constantinople that she still keeps alive all the characteristics of traditional “culture.” Ms Eleni Nioti is a seed of a traditional Constantinople greek family, maintain polite and cultivation housewife in every way and of course in her menu as well!

The photoshoot of Ms Eleni Nioti took place in her apartment close to the center of Constantinople. Our exemplary hostess welcomed us in an authentic baroque apartment full of paintings, crystal vases, heavy wooden furniture shined by the golden light of the Constantinople …

πολίτικη κουζίνα
πολίτικη κουζίνα
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