From the moment you will choose your wedding photographer and the special day is coming, you should consider your own contribution at the final art work. We are photographers not God! With very simple thoughts you can give the best of yourself for powerful photos and a joyful wedding.

1) The wedding time is very important. Especially when you have chosen a chapel or if your wedding is taking place outdoors. We must be very careful and we should try not to lose the daylight. No one wants to have black background at his wedding photos.

2)The wedding day is a celebration day. In fact you are the hosts. Your guests wants to see you cheerful! This day belongs to you. You should not feel stressed and insecure. Relax and enjoy it!

3) Split the responsibilities of the wedding day to relatives and friends. They will help you for sure. I have seen a couple quarrel right after the ceremony for their grandmother’s transport.  You are the protagonists, not the porters.

4) Don’t stop being in good mood. If you are having fun, you will impart positive energy to your quests

5) If something unexpected will appear (like rain, wind, etc.) snub it and leave it behind. Of course plan B is necessary!

6) Your photographer should be informed for any detail, custom, specificity or even a surprise.

And never forget… Have fun, have fun, have fun. A good photographer needs nothing more than this!


[…] they share on such a momentous day in their lives.  There was no pressure. This is the reason I always recommend to my brides as relaxed a schedule as possible, as photography is an art that cannot be […]

Omg, Yes, good… most brides are so incredibly stressed out their happy faces read as fake; they always think they are fooling everyone. Weddings bring on way too much social pressure…

The photographer who really cares about the work he will deliver to the couple, should consider this. Couples doesn’t have the experience and the knowledge to understand what they should do on this day. So we have to tell them some advices, it is a part of our job and a part of our final work

You are right on target. I have been telling about the same thing to my brides for years. Those who have taken my advice have the most fun and received the best photographs.

Boy are you right on. I once did instant photos for another photographer’s booked wedding which was outdoors. It rained and bride did not have a plan b. Dance floor rental company came and took the floor away as they saw it ruined.

Weddings are also family reunions, family members coming from far distances I believe group and individual portraits must be part of the photo service, not just photojournalism/candids. We photographers are hired to document the day as the couple and families won’t remember much except through our photography.

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