For days now I meet people who is maniac with instagram and I am wondering why. Last weekend I was at Poros Island, I left my professional camera at the Hotel so tried to capture some nice photos with this application. I made about 5 or 6. Every photo I tried to make I liked it more…There wasn’t any difficulty!  So I tried to capture a bad instagram photo!

Have you ever tried to capture a bad photo using instagram? The truth is that is very very difficult. Why?

Our mind is used in some basics. Old and vintage things are more valuated cause of their age and also there are handmade. When you see an old photograph, you don’t care about the quality because it is an old photo, so it is more valuable that a present one.

When the effect of a  vintage photo appears, our mind upgrades the value of what we see. Its like a trick, like an illusion of value! The good thing with instagram is the happiness that this application could give to all who using it. They could produce in seconds something looking high value. All this daily instagram use is like a movement. People like it, love it.

Vintage photos captured with old film cameras are high value cause of the difficulty, the knowledge and the time need you need  to produce them. This value moving away with instagram but the results ar e the same.  Who knows, after 50 years when  young people see vintage photos just call them instagram photos.


I like gathering useful information , this post has got me even more info! .

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