First of all a photographer should be an artist. You should be express your self, thoughts and soul in Paper and share it face to face with other people. Then you should listen and learn from all those things you hear. Its not only about your eyes, your ears are also to important. The last Saturday has been completed the photography Exhibition for 2013 Fistiki Festival in Aegina Island in Folklore Museum. We took part 6 photographers from Aegina with the “Harvest of 2013” for subject. The truth is that I don’t like the Fistiki mother Tree! All trees are the same, its not like olive trees that have their own shape and personality. So I made a decision… My goal was to capture the shapes that the light produce on the objects. Every object that snarls with the harvest. Something between stills and portraits…

Special thanks to the photographers Henri-Paul Coulon, Laurent Fabre, and Dimitris Dritsas who made true this exhibition from the first Day to the last. Here is the pictures of my participation.


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