Catalina and Jaime coming from China. Catalina is a fashion designer from Romania and Jaime is an interior designer from Peru. They decide to make their wedding in Greece and specially in Athens! They love Athens and Greek culture that’s why they decide to meet each families for first time here. Just a mini van was enough to carry the 7 people coming from 3 different countries! The Wedding took place in Agia Skepi Papagou and right after we moved to Plaka, Monastiraki and Acropolis for the location family shooting. A small stop at Kavouri was also a “mast have” Photo-shoot for them with the blue color of the sea on the background. The unique wedding completed with a privet dinner at the Island Lounge… One more time with the full moon over our heads! I wish you the best citizens of the world! Click here to view all of my favorite wedding photos

wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 1
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 02
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 06
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 07
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 08
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 10
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 12
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 13
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 15
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 16
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 17
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 18
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 19
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 21
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 24
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 25
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 26
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 28
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 29
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 30
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 31
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 33
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 34
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 36
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 37
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 39
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 40
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 42
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 43
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 44
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 46
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 45
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 47
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 49
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 50
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 51
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 54
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 52
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 55
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 57
wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 58

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