Sharing creative time with different people is quite interesting. Usual artists are more interesting people cause of their education, their vision, dreams and the view about reality.  Sometimes is about the energy, other is about the common thinks that bring you closer and most is about the experience you have when you shooting them. Last week I made a portrait for the online news website Aeginanews and an interview of a young actress Tina Tzatha. I first met her in my office when we made the meeting for the photoshoot. I decide to do something more environmental, something that includes the location. All those environmental shots includes a travel experience that interesting more the viewers and becomes more attractive than just a close shot. The difference is in the difficulty level. You have to read and understand much more about the light and the location if you want to be sure for the result or you should just try. If you are not ok we the result you just don’t publish the shot and you go for another one. The shot its not necessary to be loved by all of your audience.  Its about what photograph you want to produce. The photoshoot took place in Vagia Hotel in Aegina. More Greek celebrities and artists portraits

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