A small part of the Professional’s Wedding Photographer work is visible.  This is his time, his talent, his knowledge and the equipment that he use on your wedding day. There is another bigger part that is not visible! Our work doesn’t stop at the 6-9 hours shooting of a wedding day because we want to produce high level images. The next state of art and professionalism right after your wedding, is image the process.. What I mean process? The best of your photos going to be selected and edited like color correction and contrast and get ready to print. They are not photos straight out of the camera files. A 6 hours wedding session needs about 3 days editing of the photos to get ready for upload to your web gallery or to print your proof book. Here is a video I made to show you the before-after result of some image process.

[vsw id=”S_Sio_nAjmc&context” source=”youtube” width=”660″ height=”475″ autoplay=”no”]