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How you Selecting Your Photos

After Editing your photos you receive the final photos Online as a private Web Gallery code protected. Online Web Gallery Sample (Need password). Web Gallery is like a mini website where you can see and browse all your edited Photos with numbers under each of them to choose and order which you will include in
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Wedding Album Samples

About Your Wedding Album These days, weddings albums are the best choice for showcasing wedding and baptism photos. The album pages display a chronicle of the day through attractive digital layout and editing. They are then printed and paginated, achieving greater endurance over time, as compared to conventional photo albums where the photos eventually came
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Dimitris Vlaikos Client Area

Click here to continue. (Password needed ) All of our clients photos are fully protected. None could have access on their galleries. Keeping safe and private clients photos is quite important for them and for us.  if you need to see more of my work, contact me.

Useful Wedding Photography Tips & Articles

  If our choices become easier, your life will be easier to! To feel safer about your choice of the professional photographer, I decided to write some useful articles before you make any decision. Knowledge is Power and its more important for thinks that are not included in our every day life. I hope these
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New DVD cases for High Resolution Photos

Package is everything when  you giving something. That’s why big cosmetic companies produce a special bottle for each perfume. For that reason from 2012 I decide to deliver to all my customers the professional taken photographs in a special case finished with leather in smoky color, in the outside and on the inside with a
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Digital Wedding Albums and other Products

Immediately after your photos are taken, need about 5 to 6 days for the next stage which is Selecting and Editing your photos. This is critical, as your photos are edited for color correction and acquire their final form and style. Right after you receive your photos through sample book and online as a web
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