Printed wedding albums are among the most refreshing and noteworthy photography products. Because of the word “digital”, many confuse them with digital photo frames or USB sticks that store photos. A digital album is created on a computer. The selection and layout of the photos is accomplished by the photographer using a special design program, as opposed to first having to print the photos and then mount them onto each album page separately. There are several stages involved in creating a wedding album. The most important ones are selecting the photos and laying out pages on the computer. The printing stage follows and, finally, the actual book-binding.

Professional photographers are often called upon to answer questions related to digital albums. In addition to answering some of them, I would like to register my opinion on this modern photographic product.

The job of a professional photographer is two-fold: shooting and printing. These days, digital albums represent the state-of-the-art method for printing and presenting our work.

Nevertheless, many find it expensive in comparison to a simple album and a few photos they choose to have printed. Certainly the traditional option is still available. As professionals in photography, we are obligated to support new technologies, particularly those that showcase and promote our work better and enhance our initial product, which are the photos we shoot.

As to the subject of cost – in every case, the quality of the digital album is more than worthy of its cost. I won’t try to convince you, but you should make an informed decision about which type of album you would prefer. You should know as much as possible before choosing one over the other.

By today’s standards, when most people are more photo-savvy than ever thanks to magazines and the Internet, it’s hard to believe that anyone would be satisfied with choosing a conventional photo album over a digital one. Look at the digital album as a visual product created at a specific moment for you as a record of an important occasion in your life.