Many prospective couples and clients have asked me recently about the way their digital Wedding albums and photobooks are designed. About three years ago, we started designing albums in cooperation with our clients. Over time, this proved rather difficult for these reasons:

A) About 99% of our clients (graphic artists and typographers excluded) can’t manage the images in the album. Some are too small, others are big, or too big to fit, and others are so overloaded, it becomes a blur.

B) It’s confusing and time-consuming for a couple to select and set up the photos on the album pages themselves. It’s even hard for us professional

photographers sometimes to select photos and decide how to place them.

Gradually, we realized that even if the couple is involved in the creation of the album along with the wedding photographer, they still may not be satisfied because they don’t have the knowledge and experience to envision the final product.

Let’s talk about the artistic and aesthetic viewpoint. We choose a particular photographer on the basis of his aesthetic and artistic approach to your wedding or baptism. We select him after first looking at his work and aesthetic approach. We evaluate his approach to wedding albums in the same way.

The approach: What does “approach to an album” mean, though? It’s simple. It’s the way your photos are presented, through the pages of an album. I’ve often been moved to tears looking at albums created by great photographers, just because of the way the photographer’s images tell the story on the pages.

To conclude: when meeting with the photographer, you should look at two things – the approach and aesthetic of the photographs and the way those images are presented in an album. If you are happy with both, the final product is sure to please you as well.