When you hear the word biologist and researcher the picture that comes in your mind is a lab full of test tubes, coloured smoking liquids. But the truth of the modern biology is not like this. Recently I have been to BRFAA – Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens to meet the Greek scientist and biologist Dr Manolis Dermitzakis for his photoshoot for K magazine of Kathimerini. The exterior of the academy is very impressive with perspectives and strict lines. The working space of the researchers actually is grey rooms full of computers. Far away from the first picture I had in mind. “Its like you are working in accountant office” I told to Dr Emanouil Dermitzakis and he was laughing. Dr Manolis Dermitzakis is a young and well known biologist. A few years ago, Mr. Dermitzakis played a leading role in the research project ENCODE.  A major international attempt to understand the function of the 90% of the human genome, previously called “useless”. Within the ENCODE, Mr. Dermitzakis and his colleagues from around the world, found that these specific genes are just the “verbs” of a complex syntax, that the so-called “useless” DNA needs in order to be activated so as to perform a function.

He was very pleasant relaxed cooperative due to the photo-shoot. After some tests in the interiors of the biomedical research academy of Athens, I decide to make the main shots outdoors with the building of BRFAA – Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens  on the background. In this way I wanted to make a combination of the straight lines represent the  strictness  of science visualised as a form in contrast with the pleasant and cool character of Dr Manolis Dermitzakis. The published portraits follows…


manolis_dermitzakis 01

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