The story behind the scenes of a photo sometimes is very interesting! Vaso is a journalist from Greece and belongs to the organization “Citizens of the World” and Attac. She is very shy personality so it was a bit difficult to make her a quite expressive portrait. After her interview I had about 5 mins to have some shots and also i couldn’t move her from the interview place at the port of Aegina. So i decided to make a frame with 2 or 3 environmental elements. Also cause of her environmental sensibility though that is fits her more than something more expressive of her personality. The 3 elements was the see, the sky, and palm tree over her. I made 2 poses in the same frame, one with her hands on her knees and the one I published. I choose the second one because i liked more the form and the sun feeling on her hand. The interview was for wwww.aeginanews.gr


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