Dimitris Potamianos is sociologist from Greece and author about tourism and gastronomy. He is very cool and low profile person like everyone should be. I went to his place 2 weeks  ago for an interview photoshoot. I knew him before as a writer in Vima gourmet magazine. I really liked his home cause of the plenty and high quality light, and the colors also. I talk a bit with him so I had a little time to understand more things about himself and his energy. I made a small research on the web about his past photos and i found 2 photos from Gianni Bournia (greek fashion photographer)  inside his home also. It was quite safe to do the same with the natural light but i tried to do something more than this. I made two indoor shots and one outside. The interesting shape of his face make me go for something more closer than a wide angle shot. Here are the two shots i published in www.aeginanews.gr for his interview.


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