Every photo-shoot is unique. There is dozens of thinks the professional photographer should consider before you done the shot. The frame, the light, the pose, the energy and the feeling between you and the subject are some of them. What can I say about Pedro Olalla (Olaya). He is quite interesting inside out.  Olalla is Spanish ambassador of Hellenism. He had written many books about Greek History and has many YouTube videos with thousand views. I came to the place of the shot when the interview for AeginaNews started. He was wearing a close to white coat so I though that it was better to go for an indoor shoot to have a better light control. His style is Italian. He is thin and his clothes a bit skinny and wasted. When someone is thin and with nice style it helps a lot. I liked also his face shape so I decided to go a bit closer. His coat and his face are both interesting. The big thing was the light. The Lighting in the café was something like morning drama. Was to shiny with a bit of dramatic shadows. A everyday scene of morning coffee thinking. Thinking about Europe, thinking about Greece. More celebrity photoshoots

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