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Vaptisi in Agios Kosmas for Anastasia

βάπτιση στον Άγιο Κοσμά Ελληνικό

From each wedding or vaptisi photoshoot coming up some photos that stand out cause there are represent both the uniqueness of the day and the uniqueness of artistic and personal expression of each wedding professional photographer. This does not mean that the remaining images from the baptism will be the same as any other professional
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Baptism in Agia Marina Kalamos for Christina

Βάπτιση στην Αγία Μαρίνα Καλάμου

The view upon entering the yard of Agia Marina seaside chapel at Kalamos is truly magnificent. The wonderful bay of Agioi Apostoloi spreads in front of you and fills your eye with a total blue sea view. The chapel of Agia Marina is build on a location that, except of relational reference, is a soul cleansing
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