wedding photographs from Greece

aeginaphotographer_greek_flagWe met Dimitris on our wedding day! We came across his site by chance and we were really 
 impressed by his work as wedding photographer. We didn’t want anything that would look like those typical wedding 
 photographers in Greece and after just one look, we knew Dimitris had what we were looking for.
 Our initial contact was by telephone and because we were both pressed for time, all of our 
 communication ultimately took place either by phone or e-mail. We trusted Dimitris and his 
 associates immediately and the results proved us right. Vasilis had just one request: that he 
 would not be aware of anyone taking photos of him – because it would make him nervous.
 Actually, what I remember is that I waved at Dimitris from the car as I arrived at the church, 
 and then later, talking about a sideboard that he liked at our house, in the break between 
 the church and the party. The presence of the whole crew was very discrete and the 
 groom was not at all stressed. Some of the best wedding photographs were taken at the party. Dimitris 
 and his associates stayed until morning and the result is that we have the most original
 and spontaneous wedding photos of our most incredible day in our hands. In the end, only those 
 spontaneous photographs can capture people’s true feelings. Thank you for everything!”
Vicky and Vasilis 15-06-2013
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