Before deciding to hold their wedding in a city like Athens, many couples have already excluded other destinations that might be considered more “idyllic”. Such places may include the islands in the Cyclades or Saronic Gulf, which involve additional expense for transportation or make it difficult for guests to attend.

But don’t be disappointed. It’s a myth that a  wedding in a city like Athens can’t be as successful.

My wedding photography experience tells that… Of course it’s possible, provided you keep in mind the following factors and first of all the mood of your wedding day!

Wedding Location in Athens
The wedding location

A very important element of any wedding is the church and the location you choose. The setting is paramount because it directly determines the energy that you and your guests will feel. Essentially, by selecting a beautiful and unique church in Athens to welcome your guests, you are offering them another special memory that will stay with them.

The wedding date

If you’re thinking about scheduling your wedding in the summer in Athens, it is best to think about one of the beautiful seaside chapels. You’ll avoid the heat of the city center and the cooler seaside setting will enhance your guests’ mood and experience. You should also take into account the availability of parking to make it easier on your guests, and also consider the possibility of traffic on the road. For Winter weddings you could have better prices and even better services.

wedding in athens
The timing of the wedding ceremony

Having selected the church, the second most important decision you need to make is what time to hold your wedding. Many couples in Greece mistakenly elect to hold the wedding ceremony relatively late in the evening. This means that when the ceremony ends, it’s already dark outside, and that makes it difficult for both the couple and their guests and the photographs are not what they expected. The surroundings of the church you have selected cannot be represented adequately after the sun sets, and this negates the effect you were aiming to provide for your guests in terms of location. This also effect yours wedding photos quality. So make sure you leave enough time to enjoy the beauty of the setting, even after the ceremony.

About photos after the wedding

Make sure you’ll have time for photographs immediately after the wedding ceremony. If this is possible, then the day-after photo shoot is not necessary. The day of the wedding is always full of a special energy and feelings that are reflected in your photos. Why go to the trouble of dressing up again and trying to recreate the day, when you can capture it all on the same day and make it genuine. Athens has myriad of beautiful spots for photographs in every corner. A good, resourceful photographer will take note of them and make the most of the location no matter where it is. It is also important not to base your selection of photographer on the artistic photos that most photographers will show you. Ask to see a completed wedding photography projects. See how he moves around and shoots throughout the wedding day, from the preparations through to the end.

The wedding dinner

There is a large variety of estates, catering services and restaurants available to host your wedding party in every part of Athens.  A little market research will lead you to the perfect choice, which I believe is a very personal matter for every couple. It will depend on your budget, your obligations and what you want to remember. You should make sure not to hold the reception too far from the church so your guests will not be inconvenienced.

wedding party in athens
The wedding party

A wedding is a big party. Don’t just focus on the food. In the end, it’s the drinks and the music that create the celebratory atmosphere of every wedding. The party will provide plenty of happy moments and special photographs. Make sure you are surrounded by people who will enjoy themselves – dancing, drinking and making sure you all have a memorable time!

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