wedding_photography_athens_greece“From the beginning of our wedding planning, we knew that the wedding photography was going to be one of the most important parts of our wedding in Athens Greece. We wanted to find someone that we really trust enough to capture the most important day. There are many photographers in Athens Greece but we wanted to find a photographer that he will really give us wedding photos in the way we want to remember this experience. When I called you I was full of hope that you would be available and part of our Day. From the moment I spoke to Andreas and show him your work he was extremely positive, excited about the opportunity to work with us. Thank you that from the first moment you made us feel as if we were the only couple you was working with. Thank you also that you were extremely organized and that is so important for every bride when trusting her wedding photography to someone. In our wedding day you have captured the most amazing shots and moments from the beginning to the very end of the event.  It was one of the most beautiful experiences of our life, to keep alive all those beautiful moments and make them last forever I want to thank you also that you were delivered to us our wedding photos extremely quickly. It was really enjoyable for us when we were on honeymoon and was looking our wedding photos! I feel so lucky to have you tell our wedding story. Any couple would be lucky to have you as their wedding Photographer”.

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Andreas and Cleopatra 31/08/12


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