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Photoshoot of the Greek Chef Nikos Sarantos in Athens

greek_chef_nikos_sarantos 01

Mr Nikos Sarantos is one of the most significant Greek chefs. Twenty years ago he was the one that founded the Greek Chefs Club and spread Greek gastronomy in all over the world. He is not only a talented Greek chef but also a chef with vision and passion for giving to the Greek Cuisine
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Portraits from Peloponnese – Photography Project for “Taxidia”


This time, I had the opportunity to shoot what may be the most diverse region of Greece, the Peloponnese. This photographic journey, or rather the “travelogue” for Kathimerini newspaper’s Travel supplement “Taxidia“, allowed me to learn about a rare aspect of my country during what is perhaps the most beautiful and at same time serene time
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Greek actors Vicky Papadopoulou and Yiorgos Papageorgiou for K Magazine

Vicky Papadopoulou and Yiorgos Papageorgiou

Every year, Kathimerini’s newspaper K Magazine makes a tribute about Greek actors and the most interesting theatrical performances that will take place in Athens in fall and winter months. This is the second photoshoot I have been chosen to do for this tribute. I have posted the first in Palace theater last week. Two young and talented Greek
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Constantina Mihail for People Magazine – Proto Thema News


It is the third time working with the beloved Greek actress Constantina Mihail. This one was for Proto Thema news. I appreciated the fact that she came to my place Aegina Island for the photoshoot. I knew I wanted to bring the water as a special element into the shoot. I did not want her just
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Greek Model George Manikas Photoshoot for Proto Thema News

George Manikas

George Manikas is one of the most decorated Greek male models. He has participated in many campaigns and fashion shows. He decided to produce his own yogurt ice cream recipe for those who love ice cream, yogurt and fitness. The photoshoot for Proto Thema Newspaper took place in a neoclassical house build in 1800 on
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Yoga Teacher Photoshoot for purefitness.gr

Every day we are trying to have a better life or a better quality of life. We are working more and more trying to create things we want, things that will make us happy. The last year I considered that the most important thing is our self. If you haven’t good health in your body
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Greek Portrait Photographer Dimitris Vlaikos Portfolio and Bio

Last month I spend some time looking back to my portrait works. From 2006 to 2012 these portraits published in many magazines, newspapers and news-sites in Greece and United Kingdom. I love portraits even if its painted, sculpted or shooted. Each of them means something to me… Its more than a picture with good composition,
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Greek Musicians – Giorgos and Maria CD Cover Photoshoot


Maria and Giorgos are musicians, Greek Bouzouki players and singers also. They decided to make their first CD album and here is the photos for the cd cover. The old Greek songs that they are playing made us chose a more vintage style in poses and colors. We included also the retro amp as an
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Annie Leibovitz Inspires me as a Portrait Photographer

The last 10 years I am spending most of my time reading, practicing and educating about photography. Sometimes I feel that this the biggest part of my life. All this years I have seen many photographer’s work  and I have learned many things from them. Annie Leibovitz is something special for me. She is not
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Portrait Photoshoot of a Young Actress Tina


Sharing creative time with different people is quite interesting. Usual artists are more interesting people cause of their education, their vision, dreams and the view about reality.  Sometimes is about the energy, other is about the common thinks that bring you closer and most is about the experience you have when you shooting them. Last
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